Project 1: Get Ready

For the first assignment you will get started with Cloud9 IDE and do the first exercises in Learn Python3 the Hard Way. Doing this project will ensure that you're ready for the coming weeks.

Take Role

Be sure you filled out the roll call survey. The link is on the class page.

Watch the Class

If you didn't attend class live be sure that you watched the complete recording. There's a lot of information that I give on the first day so listen closely! Check the class page for the recorded archive.

Access your Cloud 9 Workspace

Login to your AWS Cloud9 workspace using the instructions provided in the course notes for week 1.

Do The Exercises

Once you have the book and Cloud9 setup take time to do exercises 1 and 2. Export the exercise folders from Cloud9 and submit them on Canvas.

Turn in Your Assignment

In this class you submit assignments on Canvas. Please submit the following:

  1. The email address you used to register for
  2. Exported copies of the exercises.


  • 20 points for the exercises