Project 10: A Google App

In this project you'll upload an application to Google App Engine


Turn in exercise 44 with this assignment.

Installing the Google SDK in Cloud 9

You must have a Google account to make this work. You can register one for free. Once you do you need to connect your Cloud9 workspace with your google account so that the gcloud command can upload applications. Follow the instructions here:
You might see warnings (lines that start with W:) during the install process, that's okay.

In addition to running the commands listed be sure to install Python support for App Engine:

sudo apt-get install google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-python

After you have components installed with apt-get you should initialize the gcloud command:

gcloud init

Get the Hello World App Running

Follow the instructions in the Google quickstart:

Start with the “Download the Hello World app” step.

Cloud9 Difference

When using the command in Cloud9 you have to add command line arguments. --host --port 8080 app.yaml

Turn In

Submit a URL for your Hello World application in Canvas


  • 10 points for the exercise
  • 10 points for your public application.