Lab 6 OverlayFS

In this lab you'll experiment with OverlayFS.

Make a Base Volume

Start by partitioning the disk /dev/sdc. Partition the disk this way:

  • Use a GPT disk label.
  • Create a single partition on the disk
    • Name it “Freezer”
    • Format it with the 'btrfs' filesystem

Mount Your Base Volume

Create a temporary area to work on OverlayFS. I suggest the following directories:

  • /mnt/lower – mount /dev/sdc1 here.
  • /mnt/upper – mount a tmpfs virtual filesystem here.
  • /mnt/overlay – mount your overlayfs virtual filesystem here.

Copy the contents of /var/www to /mnt/lower before you attempt to mount your overlayfs.

Once you think you have successfully created your overlay use the following commands to view the contents:

$ tree /mnt 
$ mount 

Turn In

Submit the output of the two commands.


  • 10 points for creating a btrfs filesystem on /dev/sdc1
  • 10 points for your overlayfs that uses memory as the upper layer.