The most common form of access control is file permissions. File permissions work the same way on Macs and Linux (because they're both descendants of UNIX). Windows file permissions are more sophisticated than UNIX file permissions but many of the concepts are similar. In this lab you'll manipulate file permissions on UNIX and Windows.

NetLab+ Assignment

Do NISGTC Security+ Lab 14: Authentication, Authorization and Access Control. Do all parts step by step and take screenshots at the points listed below:

  1. Part 2.1 step 14: Take a screenshot showing the command you used to change file permissions. (Be sure the picture shows the browser window)
  2. Part 3.1 step 15: Take a screenshot showing the “Permission denied” error.


Describe, in your own words, the difference between nondiscretionary and discretionary access control. Give an example of each discretionary and nondiscretionary access control.


  1. 10 points for the screenshots.
  2. 10 points for answers to the questions.