This page introduces my class email policy. This policy applies to communications to class mailing lists as well as communications directly with me.


Email is an important tool in the modern workplace. As a technology professional you must learn to use email efficiently. Efficient use of email has technical and cultural components. It's possible to control the technical components (e.g. mail reader, filters, folders, etc) but you must rely on your associates to follow proper email etiquette. Poor email etiquette wastes time and adds to stress.

About the Mailing List

  • Class mailing list is anonymous. Other students cannot see your email address. This is required by law.
  • Sending a mail to the list address bounces the mail to everyone in class.
  • Replying to a message sends the reply to everyone in class.
  • The list should be used to ask questions about course-related topics. Use it to:
    • Ask and answer questions about labs and assignments.
    • Ask for clarifications on course material or report technical problems to me.
    • Share example code and problems.
    • Talk about technical topics.
  • Do not:
    • Share solutions to labs and assignments.
    • Talk about non-class topics.

General Guidelines

  1. Be polite, respectful and professional. Though other students can't see your email address, I can. I have zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.
  2. Stick to the subject. Threading is your friend, keep threads about one topic.
  3. Sign each message with your name or a unique signature so people know who you are.

Style Guidelines

  1. Subject lines should be specific and accurately describe the subject of the email.
  2. Every email should begin with a greeting. The greeting helps your target audience know to pay attention. Examples:
    1. Hello Class – You're talking to everybody
    2. Hello Mike – You're talking to me
  3. Use complete sentences. Proper grammar makes you look intelligent and educated. Email hides your appearance but not your writing skills. Use people's biases in your favor. Write like you mean business and people will take you seriously.